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Ryan h.Y. Chan

Founder of Easy Sevens
IB Maths Veteran

Electronic Engineering @ HKUST (Year 3)
Canadian international school of hong kong Class of 2018

Ryan has completed the PYP, MYP and DP (HL: Maths, Chem, Phys; SL: Eng Lang Lit, Chinese B, Econ; EE: Maths) program at CDNIS. On top of studying full time, Ryan averages around 20 hours of IB maths tutoring each week, and has over 2 years of experience tutoring MYP, DP, and IGCSE maths. He has taught students from CDNIS, GSIS, FIS, HKIS, KGV, NAIS, and HKA. All of Ryan’s student have seen improvements of at least 2 grade bands, and over 90% of his students achieve level 7s or A+. To prepare his students for exams, Ryan predicts potential test questions and requires his students to complete questions under intense time pressure, to simulate high stress testing conditions. Ryan’s blunt yet friendly approach to communicating with his students allows them to fully understand areas in which they are lacking and exactly what they need to do to get the maximum scores on their tests. 

Ryan also personally trains all tutors of Easy Sevens, to ensure they can effectively pass on their knowledge and experience to all students. Furthermore, with Ryan’s in depth knowledge and experience of the IB Maths syllabus, he is responsible for creating the proprietary Easy Sevens’ Maths curriculum.

Fiona Chan

Ib Chemistry Veteran

Canadian international school of hong kong Class of 2020

As a recent graduate of the IB with a perfect score of 45 and an A in her Chemistry EE (HL: Chem, Bio, Chinese B; SL: Eng Lang Lit, Maths, ESS; EE: Chem), Fiona is prepared to pass on all of her knowledge and secrets to the next generation of IB students. She is confident that with her caring and patient personality, she would be able to help her students achieve level 7s in IB Chemistry. 

Fiona is currently studying MBBS at HKU with a full scholarship. She has also received offers to study at the University of Toronto, McGill University, Universty of British Columbia, Western university, Queen’s university, and University of Waterloo.

Sammi Hui

Ib BUsiness Management Veteran

Canadian international school of hong kong Class of 2020


Sammi graduated the IB dimploma with a score of 44, and is very confident that she can help others achieve a level 7 in business management. Her pointers on essay writing skills coupled with her techniques on exam skills makes it difficult to not get a 7. Sammi will also pass on her unique tricks to connect CUEGIS concepts with context and content, which will ultimately help students get a level 7 CUEGIS essay. Moreover, her concise and organized notes allows her students to review concepts in a fraction of the time compared to if they were to study by themselves.