Easy Sevens

IB Tutoring Classes Offered:

Easy Sevens is the first and only IB tutoring center in Hong Kong to offer classes taught by exceptional recent IB graduates from international schools across Hong Kong. Our tutor’s personal experiences on completing the IB diploma gives them the ability to fully understand and target the needs and struggles of current IB students, transforming them into level 7 students. 


All tutors at Easy Sevens are prepared to tutor any IB course that they have taken, though to ensure that students are getting the best tips and secrets, tutors will mainly focus on tutoring 1-2 of their best IB subjects. In other words, students at Easy Sevens will only receive tutoring from the best of the best.

At Easy Sevens, students will not only be able to clear up confusions on specific concepts, but also do intensive IB exam style questions drilling with our tutors in order to prepare for the final IB exam.  Tutors will also use Easy Sevens’ proprietary formula for level 7s, to give students a fool proof method to ace IB final exams and unit tests. 

IB Maths Analysis and Approaches 
IB Maths Applications and Interpretations 
IB Physics 
IB Chemistry 
IB Biology 
IB English A Language and Literature 
IB English A Literature
IB Chinese A Language and Literature 
IB Chinese A Literature 
IB Chinese B 
IB Economics 
IB Business Management 
IB Geography 
IB History 

IB Veterans

Ryan h.y. Chan

Bachelor Electronic Engineering @ HKUST


Ryan completed his IB diploma at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong in 2018. Ryan has over 3 years of IB tutoring experience and over 90% of his students achieve level 7s in both DP and MYP Maths.

Fiona Chan

Bachelor of Medicine
and Bachelor of Surgery @ HKU


Fiona completed the IB diploma with a perfect score of 45, and was awarded an A for her Chemistry EE. Fiona is also a graduate of Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

ruth siu

Bachelor of Laws @ CUHK


Ruth graduated from the Canadian International School of Hong Kong with a bilingual diploma. She received an A for her Extended Essay in Chinese A Language and Literature. 

Sammi HUI

Bachelor of Medicine
and Bachelor of Surgery @ HKU


Sammi completed her IB diploma with a score of 44, and received straight 7s for her 2 full years in Business Management HL. She has also scored 19/20 marks on her CUEGIS essay.