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Why Choose Easy Sevens as Your IB Business Tutor?

Here at Easy Sevens, students will receive unparalleled support in their IB Business studies from tutors who are both experienced and knowledgeable. Our tutors are graduates of the IB program themselves, having excelled in the same course that they now teach. With personal experience and a deep understanding of the IB Business curriculum, our IB Business tutor will provide a unique perspective that sets us apart from other tutoring services.

The HL IB Business program’s research project presents a singularly formidable challenge, demanding not only comprehensive readings but also a profound comprehension of conceptual intricacies. Our highly-skilled IB Business tutors inspire students to engage in a critical examination of individual and organizational behavior, thus reinforcing their grasp of the course’s central concepts. The rigor of the IB Business assessment components and evaluation criteria constitutes a marked progression from secondary programs like MYP or IGCSE, making it imperative for students to seek the guidance of an IB Business tutor in order to keep pace and succeed.

Early immersion in a combined regimen of theoretical knowledge consolidation and practical technique refinement under the tutelage of an IB Business tutor provides students with a significant advantage, enabling them to attain peak scores in the program. This enables candidates to cultivate a diligent work ethic, guided by expert instruction, which is critical in securing the coveted 7. Our tutors’ holistic teaching approach further facilitates students in achieving excellence in the IB Business program overall

Available IB Business courses for tutoring:

  • IB Business HL
  • IB Business SL
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Are our IB Business Tutor Ready for the New Syllabus?

Our IB graduate IB Business tutor is equipped and eager to teach both the new and old IB Business syllabus with equal expertise and fervor. Our tutors, who holds a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances of the subject matter, recognizes the significance of staying abreast with the recent pedagogical shifts and shifts in the assessment criteria. Consequently, the tutor has taken the initiative to immerse themselves in the updated syllabus and has embraced the changes with open arms, fully embracing the new demands and expectations placed on students in the realm of IB Business. With this comprehensive knowledge and relentless dedication, our tutor is well-equipped to impart a deeper, more dynamic and thorough understanding of the subject, regardless of whether the student is pursuing the old or new syllabus, positioning them for unparalleled success in their IB Business endeavors.

Ryan is a great math teacher. His dedication, expertise, and unique teaching approach helped me to understand complex problems. His knowledge extends beyond textbook explanations and offers a variety of reviews and practices for me to improve my skills. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher!
nicole k
nicole k
Ryan is an extremely helpful tutor. He is prepared to answer any questions I have every class and provides a wide variety of extra resources for me to practice at home and before a test. He is very knowledgable about the IB syllabus and motivates me to achieve my best scores in math! -kelson
Kelson Lam
Kelson Lam
Great experience with Ryan. Helped me achieve more than my goals for IB!!
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan
Very nice learning experience! Ryan always helps me understand materials that I do not understand at school, grades have highly improved thanks to him!
Adelene Chan
Adelene Chan
Ryan never fails to break down complex problems into the simplest terms — which is so so helpful as ib math is a lot more abstract than the regular syllabus. He’s very succinct yet patient with teaching and actually takes the time to cater to my learning goals. i’m a lot more confident with math now, he fr lives up to the easy sevens name
Bernice Wu
Bernice Wu
Ryan’s expertise in IB math is evident in every lesson at Easy Sevens. He has a unique ability to simplify difficult concepts and provide valuable resources that have greatly enhanced my math learning experience. 😁🚗
brittany c
brittany c
Ryan is great. He takes time to explain things clearly and thoroughly, making sure his students understand everything. Thanks to Ryan, my abilities in math have improved by a lot. He is an amazing teacher and the best math tutor I have ever had!
Georgena Hung
Georgena Hung

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Courses Available: IB Business HL, IB Business SL

Key Points for the New Syllabus

  • Nov 2023 marks the final examination for the current IB Business syllabus
  • A new IB Business syllabus will be implemented starting May 2024 exams
  • CUEGIS is no longer part of the new syllabus, replaced by CESC (Creativity, Ethics, Sustainability, and Change)
  • The images outline the difference between the old and new IB Business syllabus.

Old Syllabus (Upto N2023 Exam)

New Syllabus (Starting M2024 Exam)

Old IB Business Tutor syllabus
Old IB Business tutor syllabus 2
New IB Business tutor syllabus 1
New IB Business tutor syllabus 2

Exam-Focused Approach for Success in IB Business Exams

  • Adopt an exam-oriented teaching approach
  • Focus on exam writing skills and question drilling
  • Have a set of developed course notes and sorted by chapter IB mock exam questions
  • Help students understand vague concepts faster and easier, build confidence in tackling real exam questions, and develop a studying strategy and skill set essential for achieving Level 7 in IB business exams.