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Achieve IB success through personalized course tutoring and Internal Assessment support.

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Fostering an IB mindset of critical thinking: enhancing analytical and evaluative skills for MYP success.

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Unlock global university opportunities with our IB veterans' experiences in university applications.

IB Tutoring Instructional Policies

1. A reminder and double confirmation will consistently be issued for all scheduled classes, ensuring a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. In the absence of such confirmation, the scheduled class will not proceed.

2. Free changes or cancellations to scheduled classes are permissible with a minimum 24-hour notice. Cancellations within 24 hours will result in full tuition charges, except when accompanied by a valid doctor’s note due to illness, submitted within 48 hours of the scheduled class.

3. While we maintain flexibility with payment arrangements, it is necessary to complete payment prior to the double confirmation mentioned in point 1. Payment options include per-lesson transactions or prepayment for multiple lessons, which will then be debited from your account. We accept payments through PayMe or FPS.

4. We recognize the demanding schedules of students, particularly those pursuing the IB curriculum, and acknowledge the potential need for additional lessons prior to exams, as well as the possibility of cancellations immediately after exams. Our approach remains accommodating in these scenarios, and there are no stipulated requirements for the frequency of lessons per week.

5. Should a student arrive late to a confirmed lesson, additional time will not be allocated.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. Should you have any further inquiries or if you are ready to proceed with scheduling the trial class, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Class Scheduling Procedure

  1. Working Balance: Every student maintains a working balance with us, similar to an octopus card. This balance serves as the source for deducting tuition fees for confirmed classes. All transfers to us are first credited to this balance.

  2. Checking Your Balance: Should you ever need to check your balance, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will be delighted to provide you with the necessary information.

  3. Confirmation of Classes: A class is deemed “confirmed” upon receiving written notification from you AND at the 24 hour deadline before the scheduled class. Before this period, you have the flexibility to reschedule or cancel without incurring any fees.

  4. Tuition Deductions: The tuition fee deduction is automatic, and we exclusively deduct it from your balance for confirmed classes at the 24 hour deadline mark. Once the deduction is processed, it becomes final, and no refunds will be issued, except in cases of illness (see instructional policies point #2).

  5. Insufficient Funds: Should your balance be insufficient at the 24-hour deadline, we won’t be able to deduct the tuition fee, rendering the scheduled lesson unconfirmed. The open slot will be available for other students to sign up. The first student with sufficient funds to notify us will secure the slot.

  6. Opportunity to Pay: Even if your slot becomes available, you still have the opportunity to pay for it as long as no one else has done so before you.

  7. Refunding Remaining Balance: At any time, you have the option to request to cash out any remaining balance in your account.

  8. Regular Sessions: If any regular session have been rescheduled 2 weeks in a row, we will no longer be able to reserve the slot for you. 

IB Tutoring Adverse Weather Policies

This Adverse Weather Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the operation of Easy Sevens Education during adverse weather conditions in Hong Kong. The safety and well-being of our students, tutors, and staff are of paramount importance, and this policy ensures that necessary measures are taken to address challenging weather situations. All classes affected by adverse weather conditions may be rescheduled or conducted in the same time slot online via zoom. 

Typhoon Warning Signal:

  • Signal 1 & 3: Classes will operate as scheduled.
  • Signal 8 or above: All face to face classes will be converted to online mode via Zoom, all online classes will proceed as scheduled. and the centre will be closed. All classes scheduled 4 hours after the typhoon signal 8 or above is taken down will resume as normal.

Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning:

  • Classes will operate as scheduled, but parents and staff are advised to stay updated on weather conditions and make decisions based on their safety and convenience.

Black Rainstorm Warning:

  • All face to face classes will be converted to online mode via Zoom, all online classes will proceed as scheduled. and the centre will be closed. All classes scheduled 4 hours after the black rainstorm warning is taken down will resume as normal.