Meet Our Expert IB Graduates

At Easy Sevens, our tutors are not just teachers – they are IB Veterans. They are all exceptional recent graduates of the International Baccalaureate diploma program, who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. With their extensive knowledge and personal experience, our tutors understand the struggles and needs of current IB students better than anyone else.

Our tutors specialize in tutoring one to two of their strongest IB subjects and provide students with the best tips, tricks, and secrets for success. They have applied their personal experience and insight to develop a proprietary formula for level 7s, making it easier for students to ace IB final exams and unit tests. By being IB Veterans, each tutor brings not only the knowledge of having completed the rigorous IB program, but also of having applied to and been accepted into universities globally.

Easy Sevens Head Math Tutor Ryan HY Chan

Ryan H.Y. Chan

Director, Head IB Maths Tutor

Ryan H.Y. Chan brings extensive knowledge of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum to the classroom as a highly qualified and experienced educator. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic Engineering from HKUST after successfully completing all three IB curriculum programs at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS): the PYP, MYP, and DP. During his DP years, Ryan took HL Maths, Chemistry, Physics, SL English A Language and Literature, Economics, and Chinese B. He also achieved an A grade in his Maths Extended Essay.

For over five years, Ryan has worked as a full-time IB Maths tutor at Easy Sevens, where he trains new tutors. In Hong Kong, he has worked with kids from a range of international schools, such as CDNIS, GSIS, CIS, FIS, HKIS, KGV, NAIS, and HKA, and has a track record of assisting his students in making major gains in their math grades with over 90% of his pupils getting level 7s and an average increase of at least two grade bands.

Ryan takes a straightforward and approachable approach to tutoring, placing a great value on building a mentor-like connection with his pupils to promote openness about their difficulties and help them understand what they need to do to get the best grades possible on their exams. He also developed the exclusive math curriculum for Easy Sevens.

Fiona Chan

Head IB Sciences Tutor

Fiona Chan is a highly accomplished IB graduate who completed her PYP, MYP, and DP programs at CDNIS, graduating in the class of 2020. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at HKU on a full scholarship. Fiona’s academic excellence is highlighted by her perfect score of 45 in the IBDP program. In her DP studies, she excelled in HL Chemistry, Biology, and Chinese B, and in SL English A Language and Literature, Maths, and ESS. Her exceptional research skills were demonstrated through her Chemistry Extended Essay, which she received an A grade for.

Fiona is known for her caring and patient personality, making her a popular choice among students. In addition to her achievements in the IB program, Fiona received multiple offers from top universities such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Western University, Queen’s University, and University of Waterloo. With her combination of high academic achievement and personal skills, Fiona is well-equipped to support students in their academic journey and help them reach their full potential.

Easy Sevens Head Sciences Tutor Fiona Chan
Easy Sevens Head Humanities Tutor Sammi Hui

Sammi Hui

Head IB Humanities Tutor

Sammi Hui is a highly motivated and knowledgeable tutor who graduated from the IBDP program with a score of 44 at CDNIS in the class of 2020. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at HKU, demonstrating her dedication to academic excellence. As an IB Business Management tutor, Sammi has a unique approach to teaching that helps students achieve level 7s in their essays.

Sammi’s secret to success lies in her ability to connect CUEGIS concepts with context and content, making the material more relevant and easier to understand. This approach helps students see the connections between the concepts and the real-world applications, resulting in higher-quality essays and better exam performance. Her concise and organized notes also allow students to review key concepts in a fraction of the time, giving them more time to practice and perfect their skills.

Sammi’s passion for education and her commitment to helping students reach their full potential make her an excellent choice for students looking to excel in IB Business Management. With her effective teaching methods and personalized approach, Sammi is sure to help students achieve their goals and reach new levels of academic success.

Krissie Lee

IB English A Language and Literature Tutor

Krissie Lee is a Canadian citizen who was born and raised in Hong Kong where she grew up speaking English as her first language. For the entirety of her primary and secondary studies, she studied at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, completing the PYP, MYP, and DP programs while graduating with both the IB and OSSD diploma in 2016. As an English teacher, she especially excelled in IB Language and Literature at the Higher Level, which blossomed her passion and love for teaching English.

For her further studies, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Family Studies at the University of British Columbia in 2021. With much experience in the field, she has taught students in various settings through private tutoring, group classes, tuition centres, educational play and more. Meanwhile, she has been teaching children of various ages for over seven years and has gained an array of skills, knowledge, and practice that continues to strengthen her passion in education. She has taught students from both local and international schools, including SIS, HKIS, CDNIS, FIS, SPCC, and more.

Her passion for teaching developed through her general love for working with children and strengthened after working as a Native English Teacher for local students in both Hong Kong and Canada. She is extremely devoted towards childhood education as she believes our contributions as educators are directly responsible for our children’s foundations in becoming great leaders. It is in her best hopes to encourage students towards a pro-active and independent love for learning in every aspect. As a passionate educator, she strives to build strong relationships with her students, allowing them to lead their own learning experiences through personal interests while providing a reassuring and motivating learning environment.

Easy Sevens IB English Tutor Krissie

Jeffrey Hau

IB Biology, Chemistry, TOK

Jeffrey, an exceptional IB tutor, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching practice. Graduating from South Island School in 2020, he embarked on an impressive academic journey. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at the prestigious HKU, Jeffrey’s dedication to education is evident in his outstanding achievements.

Jeffrey’s IB journey showcased his unwavering commitment to academic excellence. He fearlessly undertook Higher Level courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Chinese B, while also excelling in Standard Level subjects such as English Literature, Economics, and Math. With a remarkable final IB score of 44, achieving the highest grade of 7 in all subjects, Jeffrey’s expertise and deep understanding of the material are apparent. Moreover, his outstanding performance in the IB core earned him an additional 2 points with an A in TOK.

Jeffrey’s teaching philosophy centers around empowering his students. Rather than simply providing answers, he guides them to discover solutions on their own. Through this interactive approach, students actively engage with the material, leading to a more comprehensive understanding. Furthermore, Jeffrey encourages students to explain learned topics back to him, solidifying their comprehension and fostering confidence in their abilities. With his extensive knowledge, remarkable academic background, and student-centered approach, Jeffrey is an outstanding IB tutor who goes above and beyond to help his students reach their full potential.

Louisa Davison

IB Biology Tutor

Louisa is an exceptional IB Biology tutor with a proven track record of success. She graduated from Hockerill Anglo-European College in the UK with a remarkable score of 44/45 in 2022, having achieved top grades in HL Biology, HL Geography, HL Theatre, SL English A Language and Literature, SL Mandarin B, and SL Mathematics Applications and Interpretations, as well as an A in both TOK and EE.

Currently, Louisa is pursuing a Bachelor of Social Sciences at HKU with an admissions scholarship, while also using her expertise to assist students in Biology. She employs creative teaching methods that help students to better understand and conceptualize information. Her visual representations and examples help consolidate knowledge and aid in the application of learned information.

Louisa is a patient tutor, always willing to explain concepts in different ways until the student is fully able to grasp the information. Her fascination with the natural world drives her passion for teaching Biology. She sees the subject as a systematic way to explore the complexities of the natural world, spanning multiple dimensions. With her exceptional academic achievements, teaching skills, and passion for Biology, Louisa is an ideal tutor for any student looking to excel in IB Biology.

Easy Sevens IB Tutor Louisa
Easy Sevens Tutor Justin

Justin Kim

IB Mathematics, Economics, Business Tutor

Justin is a dedicated educator and accomplished academic professional. He graduated with distinction from Sha Tin College, achieving a flawless IB Diploma score of 45/45, a remarkable feat that earned him the prestigious ESF Chairman’s Award for Excellence. In his International Baccalaureate (IB) studies, Justin pursued a challenging curriculum, including Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation, Economics, and Business Management at the higher level, along with English: Literature and Performance A, Chinese B, and Food Science and Technology at the standard level.

Justin’s academic journey continued with his pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where he secured a full admissions scholarship in recognition of his outstanding capabilities. During his academic pursuits, he had the privilege of enriching his knowledge through study abroad programs at renowned institutions such as Fudan University, the University of California, Berkeley, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

With over three years of experience in education, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set to his teaching practice. He is proficient in implementing learner-centered pedagogical approaches, including constructivism, connectivism, dialogic teaching, the Socratic method, and 21st-century learning design, all aimed at fostering active learning. Justin’s unwavering commitment lies in nurturing the development of 21st-century skills and instilling a profound appreciation for lifelong learning in his students. His teaching philosophy is firmly rooted in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that empowers students to take control of their educational journey.

Justin’s dedication to the field of education is further demonstrated through his significant contributions to educational research. He has collaborated with esteemed researchers from around the world and has garnered expertise in cutting-edge areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data within his domain.